Our vision is to boost women’s workforce participation, lift productivity and increase economic growth by sustainably improving gender equity in jobs and pay in enterprises throughout Western Australia.

Our commitments

CEOs for Gender Equity believes that a place like WA can do better.

WA lags on all gender equity measures compared to the national averages in pay parity, women’s workforce participation and women’s representation in senior management and leadership roles.

CEOs for Gender Equity is committed to influencing and inspiring other CEOs to do better by removing systemic barriers that promote gender equity.

CEOs for Gender Equity is committed to this by:

  • Changing workplace conditions, cultures and mindsets to enable both women and men to advance equally within our enterprises.
  • Working to increase women on our boards, executive committee and in line management
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining diverse genders as a priority.
  • Developing workplaces where health and safety are prioritised and all forms of violence in the workplace – including verbal, physical, sexual – and sexual harassment, are prohibited.
  • Sharing experiences and strategies for advancing gender equality across all enterprises in WA.
  • Being spokespersons for CGE and the promotion of gender equity, both individually and collectively.
  • Assessing and publicly reporting on our individual and collective progress and results on gender equity, consistent with local and global leading practice reporting frameworks.

CEOs for Gender Equity is unique because we are WA CEOs leading by doing and linking our intent to actions for impact.