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Our Proposition

Our unique proposition sets us apart from many workplaces that advocate for women and gender equity. Our membership is not a program nor is it training for women, nor men. We definitely don't aim to 'fix' women. CEOs for Gender Equity is a CEO-led membership organisation that is action-oriented, evidence-based and re-frames gender equity as a talent and business opportunity. Ultimately we engage CEOs to get #genderontheagenda; by making commitments to gender equity to achieve gender balanced workplaces.


Eighteen of Western Australia's most influential business leaders launched CEOs for Gender Equity at Government House in 2014. The Equal Opportunity Commission prompted the formation of the inaugural group of CEOs in 2012 and since 2016, with the appointment of its inaugural executive officer, has seen it grow to represent more than 50 CEOs from the corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors.

In recognising the contribution of the mining and construction sector's contribution to GDP and our quality of life in WA, our logo pays tribute to the mining and construction hub of the nation; the Pilbara. The Pilbara and her colours are reflected in our logo: pindan for the red earth, teal of the ocean and the bright blue sky. 

Australian Context

Imagine a world only sixty years ago . . . where women were not allowed to drink in public bars without a male escort, where women were not allowed to own a cheque account or sign a lease without their husband’s signature, where women were forced to resign from their jobs after getting married. 


For women born before the 1960s, this was their reality. A reality that many are unfamiliar with in today’s society.


It was only in 1984 that the Sex Discrimination Act was implemented, an act which legally ensured women the same access to employment, services and accommodation to men, as well as prohibiting sexual harassment for the first time and establishing the office of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner


Women continue to experience barriers that prevent equal participation in public life. Due to the lack of a legislated paid maternity leave scheme, the lack of free childcare, and discrimination and sexual harassment within the workforce and everyday life, true gender balance in many Australian workplaces remains unrealised. 

As Melinda Gates said,


"We're sending our daughters into a workplace designed for our dads".


At CEOs For Gender Equity, we aim to ‘knock down’ these barriers to help achieve gender balance within Western Australia.

Our Vision

Our vision is to boost women's workforce participation, lift productivity and increase economic growth by sustainably improving gender balance in jobs and pay.

We acknowledge that change starts at the top; we engage CEOs to ...

  • Appoint more women to senior roles

  • Conduct yearly gender pay gap audits and report results to the EXCO and the board

  • Remind ourselves that not all women need to behave like men to get promoted

  • Equip their leaders to dismantle systemic & discriminatory barriers 

  • Accept that more women have increasingly high levels of education, are joining the workforce in huge numbers & are wielding enormous spending power 

  • Find ways to maximise these giant societal shifts as market and talent opportunities

We accept that women are OK (in fact, pretty awesome); we don't focus on #fixingwomen to ...

  • Break the glass ceiling

  • Ask for a pay rise to fix the gender pay gap

  • "Play the game", "man up" or "lean in" and "think like a man"

  • Overcome organisational barriers to success if the barriers are systemic

  • Blame themselves, other women or men, because workplace gender equity & gender balance for better business  isn't a women's issue 

  • Wait for society to change before we ever achieve workplace equality  

Meet Tania

As a senior executive and leader, Tania has worked across the public and not for profit sectors, specialising in post compulsory education, training and employment.


She is motivated by improving the workforce participation of vulnerable groups in society, particularly women’s participation.

As CGE's first executive officer, Tania has successfully shifted the conversation in WA from fixing women to fixing workplaces. She has brought a game-changing proposition and strategy that ensures all CEO members assume responsibility and accountability for creating an inclusive and gender diverse culture. Along the way, Tania has had her own unconscious biases challenged whilst continuing to add to her toolbox of powerful CEO-led initiatives (that have little to do with policy and process). She has also been heartened by reaffirming moments with national leaders and advocates such as Liz Broderick AO and David Morrison AO.


Using 'tipping point' theory and 'nudge' behavioural economics, Tania drives high impact, low cost and high value initiatives for CEOs that rely on the sharing of their stories and experiences of their own personal gender equity journey.

CGE Executive Officier Tania Cecconi
Tania Cecconi
Executive officer, CEOs for Gender Equity

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