Management Committee

In July of 2018 CEOs for Gender Equity (CGE) was incorporated under the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.

Committee Members thereby take all steps to ensure the compliance by CGE to fulfil the obligations outlined under the act.


  • Graham Kerr, Chair, since December 2018
  • Tania Cecconi, executive officer, since December 2018
  • Alan Duncan, since December 2018
  • Christina Matthews, since December 2018
  • Guy Chalkley, since December 2018
  • Nic Fairbank, since December 2018
  • Vacant Community Member Appointment


CEOs for Gender Equity (CGE) and each member is to individually and collectively advance CGE’s aims, objectives and key targets that seek to achieve the vision of CGE.


Management committee members have a commitment to:

  • Changing workplace conditions, cultures and mindsets to enable both women and men to advance equally within our organisations
  • Working to increase women in senior leadership, management and operational roles
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining diverse candidates as a priority
  • Developing workplaces where health and safety are prioritised and all forms of violence in the workplace – including verbal, physical, sexual – and sexual harassment, are prohibited
  • Sharing experiences and strategies for advancing gender equality across all organisations in WA
  • Being spokespersons for CGE and the promotion of gender equality, both individually and collectively
  • Assessing and publicly reporting on our individual and collective progress and results on gender equality, consistent with local and global leading practice reporting frameworks.


Management committee members are responsible for:

  • Being a spokesperson for the promotion of CGE’s vision, relying on the agreed key messages and targets
  • Benchmarking and sharing individual and collective performance against CGE targets, state and national measures
  • Identifying and profiling success stories for broad dissemination under the CGE brand
  • Reviewing and measuring indicators, lead indicators and targets for progress and relevance
  • Working together to identify champions (innovators) to engage, promote, recruit as members and invite to accept ‘challenges’
  • Identifying potential events and opportunities for CGE to co-host / partner with host organisations / enterprises


The CGE is chaired by a CGE member where:

  • There are no more than 25 management committee members
  • Members are financial members of CGE
  • A seat at the management committee is at individual member’s discretion
  • Members must be a CEO, State or National business heads.

Meeting frequency

Meeting quarterly, duration of no more than two hours.

Terms of appointment

Appointment of the Chair is for a two-year term.


Management committee members are accountable for:

  • Assessing and publicly reporting on individual and collective progress and results on gender equality, consistent with local and global leading practice reporting frameworks.
  • Developing a collective voice where each has an equal and independent voice.

Evaluation and review

The CGE Board will review and evaluate its performance on an annual basis:

  • Terms of reference
  • Membership
  • Progress toward stated aims, objectives and measures, individually and collectively.

Executive support

The CGE Executive Officer provides executive support to the Management Committee

What They Say?

Our members are driving change

"Gender equity in jobs and pay is critical issue for business and society in general. If we want the best people then we must ensure we are educating and developing from the entire population."

Chris sutherland
Inagural Chair of CEOs for Gender Equity

Founding Members

"I want to be part of the group that is inspiring, driving change and providing opportunities for future generations. Gender equity makes sense; it makes business sense, it makes economic sense and it makes social sense."

Terry Agnew
CEO - Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia

"It’s proven and compelling – companies with gender equity outperform. At Alcoa, we are committed to making gender invisible for pay, performance and career advancement. Gender inequality should be a relic of the past."

Michael parker
Chairman & Managing Director - Alcoa of Australia Limited

"Achieving gender parity in Australian workplaces and governments is not just a nice to have, it is an economic imperative. Vast amounts of research tell us that having more female leaders will stimulate innovation and generate new ways of problem-solving."

Mike Anghie
Former Office Managing Partner - Ernst & Young

I am proud to be one of the founding members of CEOs for Gender Equity. As a group of ‘influencers’ we are working to advance gender equality, creating positive and proactive change within organisations and the broader community. 

Barry Felstead
CEO - Crown Australian Resorts

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