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"I would also like to commend all CEOs for the work they do to promote equality of opportunity. I understand that many of the member organisations of the CEOs for Gender Equity Group have flexible workplace initiatives such as job sharing, buddy systems, mentor programs and work from home programs, and this flexibility is already delivering good results."

Her Excellency, the former Governor of Western Australia, Kerry Sanderson AO

As the first female governor in Western Australia it is an honour to have her Excellency as our patron.

A former WA agent general in London, Her Excellency is the state's 32nd Governor, succeeding Malcolm McCusker who stood down from the role in 2014.

In taking on the role, she acknowledges the support of her family.

"Most of my role models have come from my family," said Ms Sanderson.

"My father, who was deputy director general of agriculture for many years and taught me much about public service and work ethics.

"My grandmother who didn't work after she was married but who was a great role model in terms of determination and supporting her family.

"I would also like to acknowledge the support of my own family, in particular my late husband Lance, who despite having a busy job, was very supportive of whatever I did, and my two sons Jarrad and Jason who allowed their parents to have busy careers and [who] continue to provide support and encouragement to me."

Her Excellency was the chief executive officer of the Fremantle Port Authority for 17 years and the former independent chairwoman of the State Emergency Management Committee.

She has also held non-executive director positions in the commercial sector as well as roles in the community and not-for-profit sector.

What They Say?

Our members are driving change

"Gender equity in jobs and pay is critical issue for business and society in general. If we want the best people then we must ensure we are educating and developing from the entire population."

Chris sutherland
Chief Executive Officer - Programmed

"I want to be part of the group that is inspiring, driving change and providing opportunities for future generations. Gender equity makes sense; it makes business sense, it makes economic sense and it makes social sense."

Terry Agnew
CEO - Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia

"It’s proven and compelling – companies with gender equity outperform. At Alcoa, we are committed to making gender invisible for pay, performance and career advancement. Gender inequality should be a relic of the past."

Michael parker
Chairman & Managing Director - Alcoa of Australia Limited

"Achieving gender parity in Australian workplaces and governments is not just a nice to have, it is an economic imperative. Vast amounts of research tell us that having more female leaders will stimulate innovation and generate new ways of problem-solving."

Mike Anghie
Former Office Managing Partner - Ernst & Young

I am proud to be one of the founding members of CEOs for Gender Equity. As a group of ‘influencers’ we are working to advance gender equality, creating positive and proactive change within organisations and the broader community. 

Barry Felstead
CEO - Crown Australian Resorts