Our vision is to boost women’s workforce participation, lift productivity and increase economic growth by sustainably improving gender equity in jobs and pay in enterprises throughout Western Australia.

We need to change the statistic that, on average, WA women earn less than men and are under-represented in leadership and management roles.

We want to boost women's workforce participation and state productivity to lift the share of women in many occupations where they are under-represented. We hope to increase the representation of women in management and on boards, across all enterprises in WA.


As CEOs, we are inspiring and influencing WA CEOs to put gender on their agenda by:

  • ‍Promoting gender equity as a key theme using storytelling as a powerful tool to change attitudes and promote the CGE vision

Sharing our stories by:

  • ‍Having conversations CEO to CEO
  • Attending key events as keynote speakers or panelists
  • Hosting key roundtables with our peers
  • Changing workplace conditions, cultures and mindsets to enable both women and men to advance equally within our enterprises
  • Developing workplaces where health and safety are prioritised, and all forms of violence in the workplace – including verbal, physical, sexual – and sexual harassment, are prohibited
  • Informing women that we are listening and doing things to make a difference
As enterprises

At an enterprise level we are:

  • Sharing experiences and strategies for advancing gender equality across all enterprises in WA
  • Profiling our enterprise strategies and actions against our peers – what works well and what doesn't work so well
  • Showcasing ways to improve gender equity outcomes including target setting, pay gap analysis, and flexible working strategies
  • Increasing WA enterprises' gender diversity by sharing our policies, practices and tools using case studies and forums, face to face and online

Together we are:

  • Campaigning for change by advocating and engaging stakeholders and government to remove the barriers to women's workforce participation by promoting better access to quality and affordable childcare, STEM and strengthening the business case for gender diversity
  • Promoting female students' uptake of STEM subjects and careers
  • Promoting a range of occupations where female representation is low but incomes and workplace flexibility are high e.g. as an electrician or IT technician
  • Leveraging social media platforms to increase awareness of gender equity in WA
  • Facilitating key events and audiences to share stories, what works/doesn't work at CEO level and enterprise level
  • Promoting the work of others in partnership to improve gender equity in WA