April 2021 
Workplaces Taking Action

Five Year Data Snapshot

Copy of Data Snapshot 2016-20 - Newslett

It is very encouraging to see that since CEOs for Gender Equity kicked off in 2016, that WA is moving in the right direction. However, WA nevertheless continues to have the highest gender pay gap.

This is because we still have the fewest number of women in leadership. One way to close the gap between women's and men's average earnings is to appoint more women in senior roles. 

Partnering with more women who have International Experience

CEOs for Gender Equity is delighted to partner with the Office of Multicultural Interests' Leadership and Governance Program.


Via our CEO Roundtables, this unique collaboration aims to facilitate engagement with CEOs who wish to recruit more women with diverse international skills and experience.


In the Media


"(The Government) needs to work through line by line and determine whether the impact on women is negative or positive"

 - Tania Cecconi, 2021

Recently published in The West Australian, Tania Cecconi talked to the need for a "gender-sensitive lens" to assess the gendered impact of the Federal budget.


In recovery post C-19 it makes sense for the Federal government to pull the policy levers that don't penalise women's workforce participation but incentivise it instead.  

See a joint policy statement from national groups including Chief Executive Women.

Thanks to Tasha Broomhall of Blooming Minds for interviewing Tania Cecconi about the link between gender balance and healthy workplaces.


Traditionally male dominated workplaces are recognising the link between gender balance, broader workforce diversity and mental health issues.


When work and work environments are re-designed to be inclusive of women, the benefits extend to men as well.


Linking Government Procurement with Better Outcomes for Women

Thanks to the Australian Contractors' Association for linking gender balance to a sustainable construction sector and the role of government in leading progressive procurement with a gender lens.


See below for our Procurement Policy to influence your supply chain for better outcomes for women in WA.


Chloe Zhao makes history at the Academy Awards 


Chloé Zhao has made history as the first woman of colour, and second woman ever, to win Best Director for her film, ‘Nomadland’, at the Academy Awards held on April 26th.


Emerald Fennell was also nominated in the same category for her film, ‘Promising Young Woman’, making this the first time in history a pair of females have been nominated for Best Director.

The #MeToo and #Timesup movements have put the Academy Award of Merit along with many other institutions on notice. Now there is an emerging acknowledgment of the wealth of female talent that has traditionally been overlooked by those at the top.


The 93rd Academy Awards is a promising sign that the Oscars are meeting societal expectations. 

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