Associate Members

Associate members are invited by our Board to recognise their ongoing commitment as previous members, founding members and as advocates for gender equity. 

"There’s no question in my mind that diversity leads to more creative executive teams. If you are on a leadership team and don’t have diversity around the table, you are missing something really significant."

Richard Goyder

"Gender equity is such a significant issue, so fundamentally important to the well-being of our society and to realising our full potential as a nation, that leaders simply have to assume accountability; leading by example and demonstrating personal commitment."

Rob de Luca

“It would be a powerful change to ensure women and girls feel empowered to use their abilities in diverse ways, supported by the leaders of industries and sectors throughout our society - we would not be wasting the talent of half our population!”

Allanah Lucas

“Systematic barriers within Universities to the career advancement of female academic staff require alternative management practices that can only be driven from the top.”

Professor Paul Johnson

“Women and girls don’t need the permission of CEOs to claim what is their right to equality, but it will be a much easier journey for them if CEOs and leaders across the community help champion this cause, and embed it in the culture, values and practice of our workplaces.”

Irina Cattalani

"This workplace shift starts at an executive level. People look to their leaders for direction and inspiration. CEOs in particular need to champion equity and diversity." 

John Byrne

“Everyone must be a champion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, however, it is important we engage men in the conversation and as champions for change in helping women advance.”

Nigel Hearne

“Gender equity makes sense; it makes business sense, it makes economic sense and it makes social sense.  CEOs have a unique position of influence, and CGE enables us to use our leadership to work with the community and be a catalyst for change.”

Terry Agnew

“I am committed to CEOs for Gender Equity and its vision to sustainably improve gender equity outcomes in jobs and pay in enterprises throughout Western Australia.”

Mal Wauchope

“I hold a very strong belief that to be successful, businesses need to mirror the society they operate in. How many of our WA businesses can say we do that? To foster diversity we need to go beyond simply being inclusive. We actually need to see diversity as adding value.”

Sue Murphy

“Valuing and promoting equitable gender representation in our industry is something we should all be committed to, not only because it makes good business and commercial sense but because it is the right thing to do.”

Brett Darley

“Diversity of thought helps us achieve the best possible outcomes. This is only possible if leadership is inclusive and diverse. This is key to gaining gender balance through all levels of the business and the broader WA community in supporting gender equity.”

Gary Smith

"I believe that gender equity in our society is non-negotiable. It makes no sense to exclude any section of our community."

Rowan Muchenberg

"There is now strong recognition that leadership on gender equity must come from the top. CEOs and their leadership teams need to make it clear, not only in words but in their actions and behaviours, that these issues matter to them."

Deidre Willmott

"Gender equity is both good for business and the right thing to do. The simple fact that gender equity delivers a natural social justice and better business outcomes should be enough motivation to make it happen."

Andrew Crane

"We must acknowledge we have to change our thinking to achieve improved gender diversity for the sector. There is plenty of research which suggests gender diversity builds better and more prosperous companies."

Reg Howard-Smith

"It takes a while for the culture to change. It all comes down to leadership. It can’t be something that sits on the shelf as an individual initiative"

Michael Parker

 "I think it is critical that we engage and support talented women so that they can make the most of their true potential. This is not a ‘women's problem’ - it is one we must tackle together to drive sustainable change"

Edgar Basto

"Addressing gender equity is not just the right thing to do, it is the smart thing, and I would encourage all businesses to do the same"

Barry Felstead

 "I know that, as a leader, what I say and do, and how I measure success, send a clear message to our people about what matters. This ability to influence and drive inclusion and diversity, including gender balanced leadership, is a great privilege"

Chris Salisbury

"Through working with professional and progressive organizations, Western Australia can powerfully and effectively make gender equity a reality"

Russel Austin