We acknowledge that change starts at the top; we engage and support CEOs to...

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Appoint more women to senior roles

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Conduct yearly pay gap audits

and report these results to the EXCO and the board

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Equip their leaders

to dismantle systemic and discriminatory barriers

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Accept that more women

have increasingly high levels of education, are joining the workforce in huge numbers and are wielding enormous spending power

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Remind ourselves

that not all women need to behave like men to get promoted

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Find ways to maximise

these giant societal shifts as market and talent opportunities

We work with CEOs, heads of state managers and managing directors to inspire workplace cultural shifts that start from the top down. Our services are tailored to suit one-on-one coaching and development, small groups of executive leadership teams and middle managers and larger groups including town halls. Find out more about each of our services below and book now. 

Find out more about each of our services below and book now.