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Andrew Roberts

Chief Executive Officer


At ABN Group we are driven to be better. For us that includes highlighting and celebrating diversity amongst our employees, sub-contractors and customers. We want to take meaningful actions to improve and address gaps to foster inclusion, belonging and equity within our workplace and the community.

Whilst we have begun our journey to improve gender equity within ABN Group, we acknowledge we have more to do. This is the reason why as CEO, I have become an active member of CEOs for Gender Equity. I acknowledge that commitment begins with myself, ABN Group owners and the wider executive leadership team. We remain passionate in driving forward with our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plans and are excited at what achievements are to come.

Gender equity not only makes business sense, but for us it’s about doing the right thing. There is an abundance of evidence to support the benefits of diverse teams, but beyond this is the alignment with our values. We genuinely care and we want people to want to come to work, to feel like they belong, that they are valued and that they can contribute to our business’ success. Striving for gender equity is crucial in enabling this, we want to provide opportunity for all, regardless of how they identify, to maximise their potential.

The construction industry has it challenges in relation to attraction and retention of female talent. By joining CEOs for Gender Equity and partnering with other committed CEOs and Diversity Leads, I am confident ABN Group can make progress in this space. The journey will take time but by actively challenging the status quo and re-thinking our approach to our everyday practices, we hope to lead from the front in making the construction industry more diverse, accessible and rewarding for all.


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