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Rebecca Tomkinson

Chief Executive Officer


I’m proud to be an experienced female CEO, and I want to ensure more women are enabled to pursue not only executive roles but any roles or interests that inspire them.
Despite the many decades of progress, systemic barriers still impede gender equity . I very much admire the way CEOs for Gender Equity is continually working to raise the profile of this issue and help remove those obstacles.
As CEOs we’re very fortunate to have voices and platforms that allow us to be heard and have an influence. It’s really important that we make use of that to affect positive change.
The first step is an honest commitment to equity. Research consistently shows that organisations with greater diversity are more profitable, socially responsible, innovative and make better decisions.
The top three tiers of each organisation I’ve led has had at least 50% female representation, so it’s been great to demonstrate the strength and benefits of equity at an executive level.
More recently, the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia drives the Women In Resources Awards (WIRA), which is now entering its 14th year. WIRA celebrates the power of gender diversity by highlighting the achievements of some truly remarkable women. I think it’s telling that it’s the biggest and most high-profile night on CME’s calendar.
CME and its member companies are very much committed to gender equity and achieving gender balance in the workforce. That has to be our goal.
I’ve mentioned WIRA above as an important initiative that can help drive gender equity and we will continue to promote and champion that platform. Our annual Inspiring Girls Careers Forum is another avenue for industry to engage young women, provide opportunities to talk face-to-face with women who are succeeding in the sector and learn about the wide range of jobs and career paths that are available to them in WA mining and resources.


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