October 2021
Challenging the Horizon

Australia has faced many setbacks and battles this year. COVID, fires and much more, gender equity has been pushed to the side. So much so that Australia's national gender pay gap increased to 14.2%, creating an extra 61 days women must work in order to earn the same as men.

Whilst it may all immovable and inevitable, our thinking patterns can change to be similar to progressive CEOs, who change from seeing 'changes on the horizon' to 'challenging the horizon'.

Thank you to all who continue to challenge their thinking, and look to see where and how they can make changes to improve gender equity in their workplaces.

Welcome to CEOs for Gender Equity!

Welcome to our newest CEOs for Gender Equity.


We look forward to working closely with them and their teams for the rest of 2021 and onwards onto 2022.


"We look forward to improving our gender equity performance in the years ahead, and maintaining a healthy, diverse workforce where people want to work and the business has the talent for long term success"

- Alex Bates

Newmont Australia

"All CEOs need to be part of the gender conversation, share their experiences and learn from one another to create a future where gender equity is the norm"

- Rob Slocombe


Meet our CEOs for Gender Equity

CBH Roundtable | Hosted by Ben Macnamara

CBH - Ben Macnamara (002).jpg

CEO of CBH Group, Ben Macnamara hosted his October CEO Roundtable.

A special thanks to Ben Macnamara for facilitating this open conversation, and to all who attended and made a commitment for gender equity in the workplace.


According to a major report released last month, Australia's gender pay gap frameworks has ranked last compared to France, South Africa, Spain Sweden and the UK.

The study aimed to identify the best practices in gender pay gap reporting systems. The six countries were ranked against 11 of the best practice indicators

Despite being a gender equality pioneer in the past, Australia has dropped in rankings. Since the COVID 

pandemic, the average woman working full-time has to work an extra 61 days each year to earn the same as the average man, with the national gender pay gap increasing to 14.2% in 2021.

This study highlights areas where Australia has fallen, as well as areas where we can do better.

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Senator Dorinda Cox | WA's First Aboriginal Senator


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West Australian history has been made this month, with Dorinda Cox becoming the first Aboriginal woman to serve in the federal parliament from Western Australia. She has also become the fifth indigenous women in parliament.

A Yamatji Noongar woman, Dorinda Cox started her career in law enforcement as a 17-year-old before transitioning to the non-government sector as an advocate for women and girls.

Congratulations to Senator Cox for her historic achievement and hard work and her impact on the public sector.