Videos . . . 
Radio . . .
  • 6PR News Talk, 2021 - Tania chats to Liam Bartlett on International Women's Day about the gender pay gap and why workplaces need to start with the numbers. 

  • The West Live, 2020 - Tania discusses the results of the annual audit with Jenna Clarke. 

  • The West Live, 2020 - Tania discusses her wish list for the financially marginalised with Jenna Clarke, and weighs in on what needs to be included in the 2020 Federal budget to encourage women to get and keep the infrastructure and resources-based jobs Mr Frydenberg continues to promote. 

Podcasts . . . 
  • Media Stable, 2021, The Experts - Tania discusses equality at a business and a corporate level with Lanna and Nic. 

  • The Perth Business Podcast, 2021 - Tania sits down with two young marketing professionals, Jake and Taryn, to discuss the current state of play, how businesses can take the first step in achieving gender equity and much more. 

  • Business News, 2020 - Tania speaks to Matt McKenzie about the future of work for women: the impact of the pandemic and recession on women; ensuring women participate in the recovery; the significance of childcare; why the move to flexible working will benefit women; the nuance around the income gap between genders; and quotas and targets. 

News articles . . . 
Presentations ...
  • Better Balance for Better Business, Gender Equality Matters network, Woodside, 2020

  • AGM key note, Wanslea, 2020

  • Building Better Balance, townhall business update, Clough, 2020

  • C-19: The compelling case for workplace change, John Curtin Institute of Public Policy, Curtin Univesity, 2020

  • Community, Respect & Equality Sundowner, Desert Blue Connect, 2019

  • Rotary International Women's Day Dinner, Rotary Club of Mt Lawley, 2019

  • Awards Presentation, NAWIC, 2019

  • Gender Equity & Ethnicity, Curtin University, 2018

  • Women in Leadership Forum, Advisory Group on Australian Africa Relations, 2018

  • ASFA WA State Conference, ASFA, 2018

  • Gender Equity: linking diversity & inclusion to productivity and performance, CPD, 2018

  • Women in Leadership Conference, 2018

  • Leadership Futures, Australian Institute of Management, 2017

  • The Breakfast Club: Stop Fixing Women, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, 2017

  • Finance Conference 2017: Gender Diversity & Equality, CBH, 2017

  • IPAA WA Women in Leadership, Institute of Public Administration Australia WA, 2017

  • Women in Civil Breakfast, Civil Construction Federation, 2016

  • Women in Energy, University of Western Australia, 2016

Linkedin . . . 
MC and panelist . . . 
  • Women in Project Management, Perth Learning Professionals, 2020

  • Public Sector Governance Forum, Governance Institute of Australia, 2019

  • Annual Strategic Planning Day, Women's Health and Family Service, 2019 (facilitator)

  • Women in Economics Policy Symposium, BCEC, 2018

  • Lessons Learnt, Lessons Shared, Tower Human Capital Group, 2018

  • Leading Transformation, Tribes and Thinking Unconvention, Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards program, 2018

  • Gender Diversity in Engineering: Are we asking the right questions?, Women in Oil & Gas, 2018

  • Strategic review workshop, global centres of excellence in geoscience and resource engineering, BHP, 2018 (facilitator)

  • The Breakfast Club: Not Just Lucky, Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, 2017 

  • Gender Diversity and Inclusion Targets: CEOs leading the way, Women in Leadership series, CEDA, 2017