Steve Chapman

Edith Cowan University Vice Chancellor
In his own words . . .

Why commit to gender equity?

We know that gender equality needs to be addressed in the Australian higher education sector, particularly in our science, technology, engineering and maths disciplines where the disparity is greatest.

At Edith Cowan University we want to advance the cause of gender equality and accept that this requires a broad-ranging cultural transformation. Change is needed, not simply in policy and process, but in rethinking the invisible barriers that staff and students face in the workplace every day. Gender equality is about ensuring talent is grown, retained and cultivated for the betterment of everybody - we need to provide everyone with what they need to be successful.

Australia now faces significant economic, social, workforce and environmental challenges and we can’t afford to miss out on the talents of a whole section of our population because of gender inequities; the time for being patient is over.