Engagement Workshops

What it is:

Designed to start the conversation wherever your organisation is at, whether starting your journey with gender equity or well on your way. We aim to engage the majority of the workforce (that is men) and to re-frame gender equity as a business opportunity. These workshops accelerate organisational commitment to gender equity and gender balance.


We offer a choice of presentation topics tailored for your context and environment:

  • HR Hygiene 101 - Why would she come and work for you? Ensuring you have the right policies in place that attract and retain a workforce committed to fairness and equity.

  • Lessons from Leaders - Learn how progressive leaders not only drive, but accelerate gender equity in the workplace, beyond HR Hygiene 101.

  • Flipping the Switch* - An experiential learning workshop addressing the backlash and blind spots.

  • Future Proofing Gender Equity - Overcoming the backlash, the fragmentation and saturation of gender equity workplace initiatives, re/focusing on what works.

  • Managing Gender Equity Risk and Your Brand - Preserving your reputation, integrity and brand authenticity.

  • Calling Out the Elephant in the Room - Calling out the F-word and sharing our hidden unconscious biases that we all have.

  • CEO Leadership Shadow - Sharing the gender equity leadership blueprint for managers to lead on their gender equity commitment.

Member fee - $1780

Non member fee - $1990

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