Deep Dive

The Experience Lab


CEOs for Gender Equity hosts 'deep dives' every six weeks that are conversations designed to accelerate gender equity from within the workplace, open to all who are not CEOs. Deep dive events are open to members' employees for free.

Deep dives are hosted by CGE members and friends to showcase your gender equity commitments that matter with your peers,across the CGE membership, in HR, organisational development and communications.

The CGE action group is made up of delegates nominated by the CEO. Any employee of a CGE member may attend.
Convened every six weeks we look to share lessons learned about how your workplace has taken action to improve outcomes for women at work.

The aim of the Action Group Deep Dives is to advance the aims, objectives to achieve key targets that seek to achieve the vision of CGE.
Specifically, to identify a ‘commitment’, topic or challenge for exploration.