June 2021  
End of Year Results

We at CEOs for Gender Equity are grateful for the ongoing support of our members whilst we continue to welcome new CEOs.


Since our inception five years ago, we now have over 50 of the most progressive and contemporary leaders leading gender equity in WA. Over that time we have also turned the dial on some key gender equity indicators.


Our work relies on CEOs sharing what works and what does not work in a way that recognises that change starts at the top and that it starts with the CEO.


We cannot have claimed to have done this on our own. Thanks to all of the leaders and advocates, men and women who tirelessly advocate for better balance because it is not only good for business; because it's good for WA.

- Tania Cecconi, Executive Officer

Welcome to CEOs for Gender Equity!

Welcome to our newest CEOs for Gender Equity.

We look forward to working with them and their team this year. 

"Supporting gender equity encourages innovation, higher performance and better outcomes. It’s not just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do"

- Mark Stickells

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

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"I think through actively participating I can help shape the narrative on diversity and inclusion from a negative to a positive one, from a standpoint of a liability to a standpoint of an opportunity. "

- Dr Nicky Howe


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Welcoming Lauren Jones - CPA


We are happy to announce the appointment of Lauren Jones as our treasurer.


Lauren is currently a Business Advisory Tax Partner at Deloitte, and has been working with them for the last eight years.


Thanks to both Raj Chudasama Group Accountant and Rachel Low Senior Accountant at Programmed for their generous support and advice. Both have been managing our finances since we became an incorporated association late 2018.

Welcoming Mary Wooldridge - WGEA


Tania recently met with Mary Wooldridge, the Director for the Workplace Gender Equality Agency with the Australian Government.

Mary has been appointed into this position as of May this year, before which she has worked extensively throughout the non-government sector, private sector and public service with the Victorian Parliament.


 With ambitions to further promote and improve gender equality in Australian workplaces, we look forward to hopefully working with Mary in the near future.

In the Media


"Organisations have come an awful long way - and yes, there's a lot more work to be done"

- Tania Cecconi, 2021

Tania was interviewed by Danielle Le Messurier for her insight in the prevalence of sexual harassment in mining sites across Western Australia.

With only 18% of the mining industry made up of women, and with less than 1 in 5 being managers, it's clear the work Australian mining company CEO's have to do to achieve improved gender balance.

"There is a real diversity of venues now at which like-minded people can meet, and there is more competition for people's time these days"

- Tania Cecconi, 2021

This month, Tania spoke to The West Australian about Perth's private 'boy's club'. Speaking on how the, 'ingrained battle of sexes continues', Tania articulates the need for inclusivity in order to remain current.

With 842 acting members, all hailing from different elite professions, the debate for women to be included continues to be hotly argued within its walls.


International Women in Engineering Day


This year marks the 101st year of International Women in Engineering Day on the 23rd of June. 

18% of the 18,000 Australian engineering graduates are women; that's 3200 educated prospective engineers ready to join our workforce. 

CGE End of Year Report Features

Western Australian workplaces have seen increased improvements over the course of the past 5 years. 

In 2016, WA lagged in every WGEA indicator.

Since then, there has been:

a general increase in the number of WA workplaces taking gender balance related action

a 100% increase in the number of workplaces undertaking a GPG audit

an 87% and 35% increase in the uptake of FDV and flexible working policies respectively

CEOs for Gender Equity collectively has outpace, on average, workplaces in Western Australia and Australia. 

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Placing the Pool

Did you know . . .


Traditional recruitment methods overlook these nontraditional pools of talent.


There is still a dearth of women at the top in WA despite the number of D&I

initiatives that many workplaces subscribe to. 

We can help place the pool by:

  • Reaching out to nontraditional pools of talent in nontraditional ways.

  • Re-writing job descriptions and advertisements for roles to ensure that the criteria and language are inclusive of women 'returning to work', CaLD and mature aged women.

  • Sitting on your recruitment panel as an observer to provide feedback  for gender inclusion.



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