May 2021
Taking Action

Kaya! Welcome to our May round-up at CEOs for Gender Equity. This year's theme for reconciliation week, More than a Word: Reconciliation Takes Action, urges us to take braver and more impactful action.

It calls us to speak up, speak the truth, ask the hard questions, see the hard facts, and inform ourselves about the issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Welcome to CEOs for Gender Equity!

Welcome Mark Hatfield


We are delighted to welcome Mark Hatfield as a new member of CEOs for Gender Equity.


Mark Hatfield has worked for Chevron for the past thirty-nine years and recently became the Managing Director for Chevron in Western Australia. 


We are looking forward to working with Mark and his team this year. 


Welcome Jason Marocchi


We are delighted to welcome Jason Marocchi as one  of our newest CEOs for Gender Equity. 


As a trusted corporate communications partner, we look forward to working with GRA Partners to further our advocacy in the gender pay gap, procurement and gender responsive budgeting at State and Federal levels. 

CEO Roundtable 

hosted by Juniper


I know I am a better leader when I

work with women and have women reporting to me in senior roles. 


This month's CEO Roundtable was hosted by Chris Hall, CEO of Juniper. The unique and candid conversation highlighted what works and what doesn't work; a critical conversation that engages leaders who have yet to embrace gender balance as a leadership matter. 


A huge thank you to Chris and his team for hosting the CEO Roundtable.


National Reconciliation Week

Chevron's panel discussion


To kick-start National Reconciliation Week at Chevron, Tania was invited by Chevron to participate on their virtual panel. Indigenous leaders including Dr Rishelle Hume shared their stories as Tania shared her journey alongside fellow wadjella Chris Watts, and Greg Hire


Tania shared how she was inspired to take action after a challenging but important conversation with Al Williams, previous Chevron MD who called out a massive blind spot in her work at CEOs for Gender Equity.

In The Media

"Up to 80 cents in every dollar is influenced by women. We might not be buying iron ore but we are an influence that can not be ignored".

This month, Tania sat down with Lanna Hill and Nic Hayes at Media Stable to discuss how better balance leads to better business


"We need to get better at measuring the incidence of workplace sexual harassment, reporting it, understanding its nature, and its impact and also the effectiveness of their responses in the past".


-Tania Cecconi, Executive Officer


Madeline Stephens from Business News discussed how preventing workplace sexual harassment requires action from leadership.

Placing the Pool

Did you know . . .


Traditional recruitment methods overlook these nontraditional pools of talent.


There is still a dearth of women at the top in WA despite the number of D&I

initiatives that many workplaces subscribe to. 

We can help place the pool by:

  • Reaching out to nontraditional pools of talent in nontraditional ways.

  • Re-writing job descriptions and advertisements for roles to ensure that the criteria and language are inclusive of women 'returning to work', CaLD and mature aged women.

  • Sitting on your recruitment panel as an observer to provide feedback  for gender inclusion.



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