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Join WA CEOs putting gender on the agenda. Your enterprise will be at the forefront of positive change in Western Australia.

Membership will improve performance, employee engagement and productivity at an enterprise level as well as contribute to WA’s economic performance.


Joining the board of CEOs for Gender Equity (CGE) - a community of like-minded CEOs.

Hosting and attending roundtables to engage
with other CEOs.

Sponsoring and co-hosting events with CGE.

Providing feedback and advice to the CGE board on challenges and triumphs.


Making commitments that will make a difference to ‘turn the dial’ in WA.

Videoing you, the CEO, for the ‘CEO Conversations’ segment on the CGE website.

Profiling case studies across CGE platforms including website, newsletter and earned media.

Sharing ‘peer to peer’ stories of what works and what doesn’t.


Learning what is working in other enterprises.

Accessing an online repository of resources to facilitate internal change programs.

Branding opportunities through digital assets including an email signature and CGE logo for your website.


Benchmarking your enterprise against state and national performance and metrics.

Reviewing and measuring indicators, lead indicators and targets for progress and relevance.

Measuring progress over time using the CGE dashboard.


Demonstrating your commitment by having your enterprise logo displayed on the CGE website.

Using the CGE logo for display on your website to demonstrate your enterprise’s commitment to gender equity.

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Women earn less and are under represented in leadership and management roles more so in WA than anywhere else in Australia.


Women are staying at school longer, graduating in higher numbers than men and influencing 80% of all consumer spending. There is a leadership and economic case to make based on these market drivers.


WA CEOs working to inspire and influence other CEOs to get #genderontheagenda by sharing what works and doesn't work and together campaigning initiatives to turn the dial in WA.

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Breaking the 'boy's club'​; defying the odds to be the odd one out.

Women today are choosing companies that they want to work for because they know that they don't have to defy the odds, of breaking into the 'boy's club', just to be the odd one out. Rather they are choosing those workplaces where the 'boy's club' has been relegated to the past.

Tania Cecconi
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Overcoming the challenge of getting buy-in for gender balance and dealing with the backlash.

In recent times, there has been particular backlash driven by the perception that focus on gender equality initiatives and the promotion of women to leadership roles is unfair and not meritocratic. Negative responses often surface when individuals fear personal impact or the status quo has changed.

Tania Cecconi
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