Alex Bates

Newmont Australia
Regional Senior Vice President
In his own words . . .
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Why commit to better balance?

Newmont holds diversity and inclusion as core values which are key to how we conduct our business and our relationships. Central to our business is having a culture where people thrive, are safe to be
themselves, and where differences are valued. Cultural health is key to business success, sitting alongside strong and transparent corporate governance, and responsible environmental stewardship as necessary ingredients of a successful business.


Achieving gender equity is central to our diversity and inclusion goals and key to a healthy, performance based culture. As a global business, we understand that collaboration among different cultures, ideas and perspectives brings forth many benefits including greater creativity, innovation, improved decision making and employee engagement.

Newmont has pledged support for Paradigm for Parity (P4P), a framework developed by business leaders to address the gender gap in corporate leadership. It outlines specific actions to create a workplace where women and men have equal power, status and opportunities by 2030. In leading by example, late last year the Newmont Board achieved gender parity amongst non-executive Board members. While this milestone is significant, we recognise that attracting and developing the next generation of our leaders by creating an inclusive working environment takes time, consideration and ongoing effort.

At an operational level, we know that to reach gender parity, policies are a critical lever. In 2019, Newmont Australia adopted industry-leading parental leave policies, including up to 26 weeks paid parental leave for either partner, with a gradual return to work approach and superannuation top up. This is one example where we can see the value in paying attention to the barriers in place to gender equity and take action to address them.

We still have more work to do, but Newmont’s core value of inclusion and diversity underpins how we work and our commitment to creating an inclusive culture with a diverse workforce. We look forward to improving our gender equity performance in the years ahead, and maintaining a healthy, diverse workforce where people want to work and the business has the talent for long term success.