Mark Stickells 

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
Executive Director
In his own words . . .

Why commit to better balance?

Supporting gender equity encourages innovation, higher performance and better outcomes. It’s not just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do.  I am convinced that a more equitable workplace will not only provide better business outcomes, it will improve Pawsey’s ability to recruit and retain new talent, help Pawsey to embrace innovation, improve our client engagement and service delivery, and most importantly, our employee satisfaction and wellbeing will rise.


When I first joined Pawsey we had more men named “Mark” in our workforce than we had women and I’m pleased to say that this is no longer the case. Through summer internships, Pawsey HPC Research Fellowships and extensively promoting careers in data intensive sciences we are steadily becoming more representative of the communities we serve. I need to do more to publicly assert and account for our diversity strategy as it a key focus and vital part of our plan for growth.


Leadership starts in the boardroom, continues throughout executive and senior management, and should be supported throughout the organisation. In my experience as a leader, if I am not taking visible, accountable actions that support our organisational strategy, then the strategy is at risk of failure. If it is a strategy that speaks to the culture and values of the organisation, as equity does, then this is even more important. It is indeed a truism; organisations measure what matters.


Leaders can advocate, promote inclusive workplace practices, direct resources to training and development, offer to mentor, actively sponsor and engage in change.  I’m committed to this at Pawsey and proud to lead a team of 50 supercomputing, data and visualisation experts, supporting over 2000 researchers through 400+ projects across Australia, using Pawsey’s expertise, advanced computation and data systems.