The importance of a 'leadership shadow' in achieving gender equity

At our latest summit CEOs and business leaders came together to discuss the importance of a 'leadership shadow' and how to use it to drive positive change in achieving gender equity in the workplace.

Western Power CEO Guy Chalkley, WACA CEO Christina Matthews, South32 CEO Graham Kerr and Programmed Managing Director Chris Sutherland were among those leaders in attendance.

CGE executive director Tania Cecconi said those at the top casted the biggest leadership shadow and that it was critical in terms of the impact it had on gender equity in the business.

"For leaders who are committed to gender equity how they walk, how they talk, how they tell the stories all need to be in sync," Ms Cecconi said.

"That makes it easy for employees to better understand their leader's commitment to gender equity."

Tania Cecconi

Since 2016, I have been thrilled to work with CEOs for Gender Equity as its inaugural executive director. Working with progressive CEOs my goal is to turn the dial in Western Australia. My job is to help them lead the transformation of their workforce by eliciting and sharing their stories of what works and doesn't work to drive and improve gender equity further.