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Andrew Crane

[As the previous CEO of CBH Group] "leading culture change at CBH on our approach to gender equity was very similar to my role in leading our focus on safety. It is very well established that good safety improves productivity and the bottom line rather than harms it. At the same time safety is not only a legal imperative it is also ethically the right thing to do to care for your people. It is widely researched that gender equity at all levels of the organisation delivers better business performance and, like safety, is just the right thing to do. I found very quickly however that having a moral, financial or legal imperative still was not enough to deliver lasting improvements in gender equity.

CEOs for Gender Equity provided me an opportunity to exchange both ideas and actions with peers who were equally committed but at different stages of implementation. It was incredibly useful to find out what practical steps others had implemented and both what worked and what had not. It was during this journey that I and my team completed some unconscious bias training. I learned from this that despite my clear intentions to improve gender equity in our business I had plenty of ‘blind spots’. The results were very challenging and again CEOs for Gender Equity created the peer based forums for me to explore such findings and assist me in being an authentic leader of change in this area.

As a full time Non-Executive Director I still rely on insights from my time as a member of CEOs for Gender Equity as we work on Board gender equity and support our own CEOs in that important journey."

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