Here is a list of curated resources for men and women that are designed to inform, inspire and influence at any level within your enterprise.

It is important to consider the 'why gender equity?' before getting #genderontheagenda. Starting with an end goal in mind, and have a strategy to get you there is key to developing a compelling business case for your enterprise.

A collection of data insights the Workplace Gender Equity Agency relevant to the development and implementation of a gender equity strategy.

Job equity insights

According to the Workplace Gender Equity Agency, in 2015:

30.8% of women are managers in WA - nationally, it is 36.5%

22.3% are key management personnel in WA – nationally it is 27.4%

12.2% are CEOs or heads of business in WA – nationally it is 15.4%

22.5% are non-executive directors in WA – nationally it is 25.2%

11.1% chair boards in WA - nationally it is 14.2%

Job equity lead indicators

68.5% of enterprises have a gender equity policy/strategy in place, in WA and nationally 49.9% of enterprises in WA have a flexible working strategy – nationally it is 60.2% 

CGE gender equity targets

By 2020, 80% of all enterprises in WA will have a gender equity policy/strategy in place and a flexible working policy/strategy in place.

Pay equity insights

According to the Workplace Gender Equity Agency, in 2015:

The full time gender pay equity gap in WA is 24.9% - nationally it is 17.3%

Pay equity lead indicators

21.9% of enterprises in WA undertook a pay gap analysis – nationally, 26.3% did

41.5% of those enterprises in WA took actions – nationally 50.7% did

CGE pay equity targets

By 2020, 50% of all enterprises in WA will undertake a pay gap analysisBy 2020, 80% of those enterprises in WA will take action

For enterprises
Pay gap analysis toolkit

The critical step in taking action to address and improve pay equity in your organisation is to review the data and understand what is driving any gender pay gaps.

Toolkits for conducting a pay gap analysis

Pay equity strategy toolkit

Improving against reporting matters under gender equality indicator three: equal remuneration between women and men under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 and in meeting the WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality criterion three.

Toolkits for developing a pay equity strategy

Gender strategy toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to help organisations leverage the value of the benchmark data in a strategic, structured and sustainable way.

Gender strategy toolkit

Lessons Canada can learn from Australia's efforts to reduce gender pay gap

Australia requires employers to report on gender equality in the workplace, which is measured by six indicators.

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For women and men
Financial toolbox

The American Chamber of Commerce, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and Australian Institute of Company Directors have partnered to deliver a series of interactive workshops to equip women with financial knowledge and skills to enable them to be independent and have freedom of choice throughout their lives.

Financial Toolbox workshops

Steel Heels

An online platform designed to support women's success, particularly in the workplace.

Steel Heels membership

Online resources

How to bring men and women on the gender equity journey?

Increasingly the push for greater diversity from the top places significant pressure on middle managers.

Not only are middle managers juggling strategic and operational priorities, they are being asked to ‘sell-in’ gender equity to their teams.

When two of three WA managers are men, how do they do this if they have yet to ‘buy’ the ‘it’s good for business’ message?

  1. How CEOs Can Put Gender Balance on the Agenda - by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox Nov 30 2016.
  2. Engaging the Other Side - by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox Mar 13 2017.
  3. Why gender equality is good for everyone - by Michael Kimmel Oct 6 2015.
  4. Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives: What Change Agents Need to Know - by Catalyst
  5. 29 ways men can create an inclusive workplace - by Catalyst
  6. Workplace Gender Equality Agency profiling TNT Express success in achieving improved gender equity
  7. Summary of Professor Elisabeth Kelan’s research (Cranfield University, United Kingdom): Linchpin - Men, Middle Managers and Gender Inclusive Leadership by Hannah Massingham Nov 24 2015.
  8. The Importance of Male Middle Managers In Gender Balance - by Dorothy Dalton
  9. What Men Think About Workplace Gender Bias - by Romy Newman, 26 Sep 2016

Thousands Needs

Working Towards gender equity in wa

Our vision is to boost women’s workforce participation, lift productivity and increase economic growth by sustainably improving gender equity in jobs and pay in enterprises throughout Western Australia.