September 2021
Entering the Final Quarter

Much like the rest of Perth's locals, we at CEOs for Gender Equity were mixed in with the festivities that came from Western Australia's first hosting of the 2021 AFL Grand Finals. Congratulations to the Melbourne Demons for their win, and to the workers all over Western Australia who helped the event pass by seamlessly.

As with footballers thinking of strategies and gameplay before entering into their final quarter, CGE has been revamping and revitalising our practices alongside our CEOs as we kick into the twilight of the year.

Lets follow in the footsteps of progressive CEOs and continue to kick, mark and sprint strongly through the next few months!

WA Equal Pay Day - 12th October 2021


Last month the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) released the national gender pay gap figure for this year using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. They found that the National Equal Pay Day for 2021 landed on the 31st of August, marking the 61 extra days that women had to work to earn the same annual pay as their male counterparts.

Using these same statistics we were able to calculate when Western Australia's Equal Pay Day would be. With the highest gender pay gap out of all the state and territories, women in Western Australia must work an extra 103 days from the previous financial year to earn the same pay.

This means that Western Australia's Equal Pay Day falls on the 12th of October this year.

We need more in WA to follow in the footsteps of progressive and contemporary CEOs and leaders who regularly audit their gender pay gaps in order to attempt to decrease this number and make workplaces more equitably across the board.

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This Month's Articles

We at CEOs for Gender Equity enjoyed reading up on many great articles published this month.


Please take the time to read these great pieces we've combed the internet for.

Future-Proofing Your Organisation | Harvard Business Review


Rebuilding and adapting businesses amongst the COVID pandemic has seen many workplaces go awry.

Its never been clearer the importance that flexible digital workplaces and an understanding of technology has on a companies workforce.

Using research from over 300 diverse firms worldwide, Harvard Business Review journalists were able to identify six practices that companies can follow to help rebuild themselves and become more resilient to unprecedented digital changes.

Each step accounts for and explains how translating technology into your workplace works to help revitalise activity for the now and set it up for the future.

Unprepared for Ageing Article | Business News

The aged care sector is entering a crisis with increasing labour shortages in a time where they're needed most.

With an estimated shortfall of more than 110,000 workers by 2030 (a figure that's set to grow rampant from there), the fervent worries of the retiring are growing louder and less ignorable. 

Aged care (Stockphoto).jpg

With an ever aging population and the gen Xers hitting retirement age in only nine years, its evident the holes in the aged care sector that are beginning to tear through into the now.

Business News journalist Amber Crosthwaite delves deep into the varying factors that will be changing retirement plans for many Australians set to retire in the near future.

Female CEO Drought ASX 200 | Financial Review


No female CEOs were appointed to ASX 200 companies in 2021, with only one women appointed amongst the biggest 300 companies.

Editor and journalist Sally Patten recounts the torrid year, finding that the amount of female CEO hires only accounted for 5 per cent of chief executives. This figure remains unchanged from last year and is lower than that in 2018 and 2019.

With the pandemic exacerbating challenges faced by women in and amongst the variety of sectors, Patten picks apart the who, what and why of this infringing issue and identifies the how for a hopeful turn in the statistics for next year. 

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