Chris Sutherland

Success Stories!

Chief Executive Officer

"Gender equity in jobs and pay is critical issue for business and society in general. If we want the best people then we must ensure we are educating and developing from the entire population. Currently with many occupations under-represented by women, business is missing out on some of the best people and society is left with a large gender pay gap and associated problems caused by the lack of financial independence for a significant proportion of women.

We need to educate young girls as to the issue and how they can choose to become, for example, an electrician, a carpenter, a computer scientist or an engineer or many other jobs where women are underrepresented; all jobs that will lead to higher than average pay, greater flexibility as family needs change and make a strong contribution to the communities they live and work in.

We need to educate parents, teachers and managers that the things they say or the poor behaviours they accept result in girls making different choices to boys in subject selection at school and career selection post school that creates today’s gender pay gap and under representation of women in many occupations, in senior leadership and on the boards of many enterprises.It is time for action. That is why I have joined CEOs for Gender Equity."