Michael Parker

Success Stories!

Chairman and Managing Director

"Today’s actions impact tomorrow’s outcomes and I am convinced that a diverse, talented workforce is the best asset for the sustainability and success of business and that action now, is imperative to long term success.

Employers must work to break down societal disconnects and create equality, enabling women to contribute professionally and to become financially independent and have greater choices and agency in their lives.

Women change the operational workplace in better ways. Diversity creates more productive and innovative environments and breaks down old myths and barriers about gender and work.

Better decision-making results from different perspectives and alternate ideas that are not necessarily the consenting view and there is a greater richness and more inclusive conversation in a diverse workplace.

My vision is for the resources sector to inspire confidence and trust in women so that they choose to actively participate in the workplace knowing they will be supported throughout every life stage of their career.

Flexible and responsive work environments, policies and practices must be in place to welcome women from when they first embark on their trades or professions; to the time when family life requires greater flexibility and options; and to harnessing the wisdom and value of their accomplishments over a long career journey.

Along each of these life stages, I am committed to ensuring women have opportunities to gain financial independence and pay parity and to engage in meaningful work which continues to develop them into confident, visible and capable leaders throughout their careers."