Nigel Hearne

Success Stories!

Managing Director
Chevron Australia

"I am proud to lead an organisation which values diversity and inclusion and that is committed to developing a culture where people feel valued and respected.

To help enable a culture of high performance and to truly achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, it starts with leadership. It is incumbent of leaders to own and sponsor the strategy and hold each other accountable for the outcomes. Leaders also need to understand the internal and external environments to make sure the workplace is reflective of the communities in which we live and work. If we expect a different outcome, we need to lead in a different way.

I am committed to cultivating an inclusive workplace culture that provides workplace support and flexibility; attracts, develops and retains diverse talent and holds leadership accountable for delivering results. Ultimately, these keys to a more inclusive workplace enable sustainable competitive performance by ensuring employees are inspired, engaged, respected and connected.

We are taking steps to attract more women and diverse talent into the resources sector and into leadership roles by driving leadership accountability through clear outcomes, tackling unconscious bias and challenging existing processes for selections, recruitment and succession planning. We are also investing in our future talent pipeline by creating education to employment pathways through partnerships focused on women and Aboriginals.

Everyone must be a champion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, however, it is important we engage men in the conversation and as champions for change in helping women advance.

Diversity and inclusion is a business imperative that will improve outcomes including profit and performance, innovation, engagement and wellbeing. It not only makes business sense, but it is the right thing to do if we want to attract and retain the best people and achieve strong business results."