Sue Murphy

Success Stories!

Chief Executive Officer
Water Corp

"Over my years in the workforce there has been a lot of progress in some aspects of gender equity, but there are still plenty of examples where nothing has changed at all.

I hold a very strong belief that to be successful, businesses need to mirror the society they operate in. How many of our WA businesses can say we do that?

To foster diversity we need to go beyond simply being inclusive. We actually need to see diversity as adding value.

We face problems as a business and as a society that we have never faced before. Climate change, population growth, global competition and terrorism are examples of issues we cannot solve by using the approaches we have always used. To tackle these problems we need to bring diverse thinking by involving all our clever people in that process.

Tapping in to our whole community must be an imperative for all leaders. At every level in our business and in every role we must remove barriers and open the doors to allow women to thrive and deliver. This is not about catching up – it is about leapfrogging our capacity to innovate a successful future for us all.

It starts with me and my organisation and that’s why I have joined CEOs for Gender Equity."