Tania Cecconi

Success Stories!

Executive Director
CEOs for Gender Equity

"Since 2016, I have been thrilled to work with CEOs for Gender Equity as its inaugural executive director.

Working with progressive CEOs my goal is to turn the dial in Western Australia. My job is to help them lead the transformation of their workforce by eliciting and sharing their stories of what works and doesn't work to drive and improve gender equity further.

Daily I enjoy conversations with CEOs and leaders who lead purposefully and intentionally about how they have committed to gender equity as a strategic priority.

Along the journey I have had my own unconscious biases challenged, continue to add to my toolbox of powerful CEO-led initiatives (that are incidental to policy and process) and have had reaffirming moments with national leaders and advocates such as Liz Broderick AO, David Morrison AO and Diane Smith-Gander.

As an executive, I am resolutely committed to delivering impact and results; being strategic and pragmatic helps get the job done. Being committed to community impact whilst being commercial is the balance I strive to bring.

I'm also absolutely committed to helping businesses lead transformation, improve organisational and individual performance, working cross functionally, developing high level networks and attracting resources to get things done.

As a recent social media convert, I am grateful for the online communities that offer so many rich opportunities for learning and sharing.

When I’m not doing the work I love, I'm on the tennis court playing socially (and taking much-needed lessons), entertaining friends and family at home and exploring 'the woods' with my little one, when we're not at the beach. And, reading!

My interests are economic development, increasing women's workforce participation, local jobs for local people and social impact."