CEOs for Gender Equity curates events for action and impact. Each event closes with a call to action. And because we rely on leaders to take action, we convene CEO-only events that are hosted by our CEO members. CEOs for Gender Equity follows up each commitment made in a one to one conversation with the CEO.

CEOs for Gender Equity welcomes state managers, heads of, managing directors and director-generals.

CEO Roundtables

Our CEO Roundtables are unique, intimate and in-depth conversations hosted and convened by a member of CEOs for Gender Equity. The roundtables are designed to inspire and influence commitment with other CEOs who are not members of CEOs for Gender Equity. These are held monthly.

CEO Summits

CEO Summits are confidential and candid conversations designed to inspire commitments that will make a difference. Convened by CGE for CEOs for Gender Equity members (CEOs only). Last year’s Summits were hosted by South32 and Crown and for the first time included non-members from all sectors including not for profit CEOs and public sector director-generals. These are held in March and September each year.

Deep Dives

Action group 'deep dives' are  convened by CEOs for Gender Equity with representatives in diversity and inclusion, human resources and/or communications/public relations. These deep dives are open to members and non-members who value the opportunity to have a deeper conversation about a topic. Guests often leave deep dives with a deeper and nuanced perspective of the topic, learning from others, to better design workplace solutions for impact. Follow us here on Eventbrite to stay connected. These deep dives are held every six weeks.

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