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Mark Glasson

Chief Executive Officer


At Anglicare WA we believe in a just and fair Western Australia where everyone can thrive. Like most community service organisations our workforce is predominately female, and we are committed to ensuring that gender equity exists across the organisation from the Board to the front line.

We have already taken steps to address systemic barriers to gender equity at Anglicare WA. This year we conducted a gender pay gap audit and the results were surprising. While Anglicare WA is pleased to have virtually no gender pay-gap, we recognise that female workforce participation at all levels will continue to be crucial and we remain vigilant about our own performance. We also ambitiously seek to extend this proactive approach to a range of diversity cohorts including Aboriginal, disability and CaLD employment and are committed to removing barriers for people.

I have chosen to join CEOs for Gender Equity to support the change that is required to improve gender equity outcomes in relation to wages and jobs across the community services sector. This is a critical part of our better future.

Additionally, most of the beneficiaries of Anglicare WA’s services are female. The burdens of poverty, homelessness and family violence are not neutral, falling most disproportionately on women. Given this it is equally important that we apply a gender focus to the experience of poverty and disadvantage.
I am also committed to being part of a movement seeking to improve the life outcomes of women facing disadvantage and vulnerability.

If we are to successfully negotiate the challenges we face as a society, and retain our humanity and compassion for each other, it is important that all voices are heard and part of the solution.



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