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Tasha Broomhall

Founder & Director


As a proud member of CEOs for Gender Equity, I am deeply committed to advancing the cause of gender equity in the workforce. At Blooming Minds, we firmly believe in creating work environments where everyone belongs and has the opportunity to flourish. Being part of this group allows me to actively
contribute to this vision on a larger scale, and aligns with the values and principles of my organisation.

CEOs for Gender Equity brings together leaders from various industries who are committed to driving change by collective action. By collaborating with like-minded CEOs, we can leverage our collective influence and resources to effect meaningful and sustainable change in our respective organisations
and beyond. At Blooming Minds, we recognise the importance of education and awareness in driving meaningful change. By empowering individuals with knowledge and resources, we can mobilise collective action and amplify our impact in promoting gender equity.

As CEOs, we have a responsibility to lead by example and set the tone for our organisations. By publicly endorsing and actively supporting initiatives like CEOs for Gender Equity, we send a powerful message that gender equity is a priority and non-negotiable within our companies. Promoting gender equity is
not just a matter of ethics; it's also a business imperative. Research consistently shows that diverse and inclusive workplaces are more innovative, productive, and resilient. By championing gender equity, CEOs can unlock the full potential of their workforce and drive better business outcomes. At Blooming Minds, our approach to improving gender equity in the workplace goes beyond ticking boxes or implementing tokenistic initiatives. We recognise that true equity and inclusion require a fundamental shift in organisational culture and mindset. We encourage our clients to adopt a holistic approach to equity and diversity, viewing it as integral to their overall business strategy rather than an add-on.

In our work with organisations, we have observed the additional challenges that women experiencing mental health issues in the workplace may face compared to their male counterparts. By understanding these challenges, we can tailor our strategies and interventions to address them effectively. At Blooming Minds, we initiate programs and policies that prioritise mental health support and create a stigma-free environment where all employees feel comfortable seeking help. By facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration, we hope to support other organisations in developing strategies to better support their employees.

Moving forward, we are committed to continuously refining and expanding our efforts to drive gender equity. This includes implementing targeted initiatives, collecting and analysing data to measure progress, and actively soliciting feedback from employees to ensure our strategies remain effective and responsive to their needs. We are committed to exploring opportunities to advocate for policy changes and form partnerships with government agencies, non-profit organisations, and other stakeholders to amplify our impact and drive systemic change. By working together with other CEOs and organisations, we can harness our collective power to accelerate progress towards gender equity and create a brighter future for all.


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