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David Fraser

Group Chief Executive Officer


I choose to become a member of CGE because I recognise the opportunity I have to make a difference here. Gender equity is unfortunately an aspiration we continue to be challenged with as business leaders, as workplaces, as families and as communities, so it’s important to step forward onto every platform we have (and make those platforms too); to champion the pathway to true gender equity.

Through actively working toward diversity, we can achieve inclusion. An inclusive workplace sees improvements in creativity, innovation, performance, effectiveness and profitability. Equitable recognition of individual skills, talents and knowledge empowers employees to contribute, and inclusivity is associated with a higher sense of employee wellbeing, morale and job satisfaction.

Capricorn is committed to supporting and ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace. We recognise diversity as one of our most important resources. There is the old adage of ‘by the people for the people’, that means we value equal representation of voices heard, equal representation around the table, and diversity of thought to arrive at solutions that are inclusive, effective and sustainable.

For change to happen, there needs to be action. As business leaders it’s important we create a workplace culture through our behaviours, our processes and our systems that puts the steppingstones in place to fill the very real gaps made by gender inequity. Our people look to us to enable them to be successful and that is both a privilege and an obligation we need to deliver on.

As a proud Australian, business leader, and father of a unique and fearless son and daughter, I’m passionately committed to step up and do my bit. I know I can make a difference, and together we can make a huge difference toward achieving gender equity.



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