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Ben Macnamara

Chief Executive Officer


As Australia’s largest co-operative and a leading participant in Australian agriculture, CBH Group serves the grain growers of Western Australia by storing and handling their grain and selling it to customers around the world. To achieve this successfully and sustainably into the future we must be able to attract and retain the best people.

At CBH we value diversity and inclusion because it enables us to obtain broad perspectives through diversity of thought and experience. This in turn enables better problem solving and improves our decision making to ensure we deliver value to the grain growers of Western Australia. We must ensure that we create an inclusive work environment and that our demographics are representative of the communities that we live and operate in.

I will continue to advocate for greater diversity in CBH across all levels of the organisation. Diversity and inclusion are strongly connected to our purpose, strategy, business plans and values. We continue to review and enhance our policies and our physical environment. We are also providing training and education programs to break down barriers and take action to change to ensure we develop, retain, and attract female talent. Gender pay gaps are not acceptable and at CBH we continue to address this by reviewing and rectifying any discrepancies.

My role is to lead this from the top. This requires self-awareness, listening and learning and the courage to implement change. I also take accountability of tracking our progress. Critically, it is my job to role model the inclusive behaviours we expect from our people.

From a personal perspective, I am passionate about gender equity as I have witnessed, through my agricultural upbringing and my time at CBH, the amazing contribution that females have made to our organisation and the agricultural industry. It is important to me that females have access to the same opportunities and are treated equitably and respectfully in achieving their endeavours.


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