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Steve Stanley



In my capacity as Director of the CEO Institute, I have experienced the significant value of having gender equity in our Syndicates. All Syndicates ask for, and ensure they have balance, as all members understand the meeting quality is enhanced when there is balance.

I am passionate about gender equity as I have four daughters, and two granddaughters. I want my family to enter a world where equality exists, and we no longer need to actively fight to achieve this. My girls are strong, capable women, and deserve to be treated as equals. Among many other reasons, this is uppermost in me joining CEOs for Gender Equity.

Leadership is essential in developing a culture that embraces equity. Without strong leadership, and walking the talk, the example doesn’t flow. Organisations require a culture where equity is the norm. Only by living this, will it embed. Talk, and good intentions, are not enough.

It delights me that there is strong action by members of the CEO Institute in three areas. Firstly, the CEOs know that we have better discussions, a greater range of suggestions, and solutions, and, advanced outcomes, with a balance of gender in our meetings. Second, it is not just belief, they know that their workplaces are more productive, and have a better environment with equity. Thirdly, they also know that it is right, ethically correct, and creates a better society.

Simon Sinek talks about leaders creating circles of trust, and, growing these within the organisation to create an environment of trust. It is not possible to develop trust circles and expand it, if diversity is not accepted. Encouraging a diverse work force, expanding thought, and creating an environment that is psychologically safe, is essential. Special Forces teams in the military encourage the input from all members, as this produces a better plan that has considered more factors, and, covered more contingencies. Without the benefit of equity, diversity, and inclusion, the plans and outcomes are poorer.

I am looking forward to being a part of CEOs for Gender Equity, and advancing this through all of the businesses represented by members of the CEO Institute.


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