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Olivia Poushkine & Emma Scanlan

Founding Directors


We started CHARACTER because we identified a problem. What work environment would respect our combined local and global communications experience of over 40 years, but offer flexibility, generosity and the ability to have a healthy work-life balance?

We found a solution. We have become our own CEO’s and now lead a team where our values are a reflection of good character traits, and where our start-up culture and flexibility, attracts and retains the right mix of creatives.

We bring diversity in thinking, experience and industry in order to fuel creativity and innovation in the marketing, branding and PR sector.

To do that, we’ve ensured CHARACTER has an integrated approach with a network and workplace that is strategy led from the top. We must take people on the journey with us – from our team to the business, to the end user.

If you don’t have people around you, challenging you, who have a different point of view and who are pushing you and better than you, you’re not going to grow.

Our culture is inclusive, distinguished by courtesy and intellectual energy. We know that good people, regardless of their gender, are hard to find. And that a collaborative and equal workplace, is the most important lesson of all.


Olivia & Emma's

CEO Conversation.


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