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James Pearson

Chief Executive Officer


Gender equity is a defining issue for organisations and the people who lead them.

An organisation which supports its people to realise their full potential, regardless of gender, is an organisation that is more likely to succeed.

It will recruit, develop, and retain a broader range of appropriately qualified and motivated people; and it will benefit from a greater diversity of contributions to its decision making and delivery.

Leaders who understand and commit to this are more likely to be effective; and more likely to help their organisations fulfil their economic and social purpose.

The challenge to achieve gender equity is particularly relevant to local government.

Local governments, including their administrations, need to represent the community which they serve; and the data shows that women are underrepresented in the ranks of senior leadership in local government administrations.

The City of Joondalup’s vision is for a community where people feel welcome and have a clear sense of belonging.

We encourage women in our organisation to support emerging female leaders in the community through mentoring and sponsorships.

The City partners with education providers and industry to empower our future female leaders to shift the gender statistics and gain better diversity in the workplace. The City is a visionary investor in the Future Female Leaders Program, a career kick starter that provides skills, experience and support to year 11 female students. Through this unique program our own female leaders can provide mentoring, coaching and share their experiences with leaders of tomorrow.

Within our organisation, we want to create an environment where diversity and inclusion thrive, and representation of the broader community improves. Across our organisation, we want to provide a safe and supportive workplace for all employees, free from harassment, bullying and bias.

To do this, we will reduce structural, process and cultural barriers to employment and advancement; put in place meaningful strategies that are implemented consistently; and promote an inclusive culture through flexible mindsets and work practices.

My personal challenge is to understand fully, and advocate effectively, the case for gender equity; and to build support and deliver positive change within and beyond the exceptional team I lead at the City of Joondalup.


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