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Claire Seeber



Why did I choose to join CEOs for Gender Equity? Simple. I’m sick of talking and drowning in the seemingly endless negative news out there. I’m ready for action, and to showcase more of the positive and constructive examples of organisations leading the charge out there so that we can all learn from them. As a woman currently leading my own company, my commitment is also personal. A gender equal world is a better world for all.

To other CEOs still trying to decide whether there is benefit to supporting real change: gender equity isn't a charity; it's a strategic imperative. Companies that don't prioritise diversity are lagging behind. Diverse teams drive innovation, and inclusive companies outperform their counterparts. It's not a trend; it's the future of successful businesses.

With a previous background working in many traditionally male dominated environments, including mining, oil and gas, and tech, I have seen and experienced firsthand the damage that is done when women aren’t engaged, adequately supported, or given sincere opportunities. Over the years, I have become more and more determined to drive and support initiatives that can change this.

Through the work I do in my own business, I also support multiple organisations globally to better engage, support, develop, and provide genuine opportunities to the women inside their businesses to help drive better outcomes, build a stronger talent pipeline, and increase representation.

We’ve still got a long way to go with gender equity, but I know that I want to feel proud of being a part of the solution, instead of just ‘wishing ‘ for it.


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