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Caitlin Iustini



At Digital Resources we look to embrace diversity and new ways of thinking. I believe that the best teams deliberately create divergent ways of thinking, this leads to improved decision making and outcomes. We focus on hiring people who think differently to us, embracing diversity of thought and providing a platform for everyone to be heard.

I have a strong desire to close the gender pay gap, I have been raised by a strong female and progressive father and this has shaped the world in which I currently live.

I want every female to have the opportunities I had in life and believe that it’s not the right thing to do but it’s imperative to successful businesses.

I want our clients to provide safe, inclusive and supportive work environments for all so that we can be confident that the WA workforce is a great place to be. I believe the focus in organisation’s needs to be on people’s physical, mental, spiritual and financial well being.

I don’t want to be a quota or statistic, I am confident in the diversity of thought I bring to my organisation and my clients.

I want to drive change and believe I can do this with the amazing work that the CEOs for Gender Equity does.



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