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Chris Tistrand

Co Founder and Managing Director


Growing up in Sweden, the second most equal country after Denmark, I never reflected much over equal opportunities for men and women. Men worked, women worked. The employers as well as the government were expected to ensure this opportunity was given without financially burdening the families, regardless of pay level.

In 2009 my wife My and I embarked on our Aussie adventure. My engineering career allowed me to work with Rockwell Automation and General Electric serving the mining industry. It struck me early on how rare my professional encounters were with women. Amongst my new found friends lingered a stereotypical view of who was meant to be breadwinner.

In 2012 I left my career and we founded Perth’s first meal kit business, Dinner Twist. Dinner Twist has 60% female workers and in the executive team men are outnumbered. Similarly we have a mix of personalities and preferences which adds new dimensions to our products and services which reflects the customers we serve.

This is not done by design however a focus on values and an emphasis on will and capacity over proven experience which allows for a greater range of candidates when hiring. After all, having a perfect CV is a tough ask when you’ve brought little humans into this world.

We want our staff to be carers and still have careers. We encourage attending assemblies, taking days off for swimming carnivals and other events that you should not have to exclude from your life. We know this too well as our core customer is a parent, struggling to get it all done. We are so pleased that our dinner boxes can take a bit of the mental load away.

I joined CGE because I believe Australia is on the right path - but it’s a slow one. I will do all I can to allow my own and every other daughter to dream big and back themselves to climb any mountain. As CEO’s, our decisions today create the workplace of tomorrow. I am very excited to join CGE and play a small part in this important change.


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