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Carl Copeland

Chief Executive Officer


As a not-for-profit charity, which provides a variety of educational services, tailored to the unique needs of anyone working or wanting to work, in the electrotechnology industry, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion are at our core. Our overarching aim is to help provide a diversified electrical industry through education and training and, to do so, we aspire to create a working environment that clearly reflects our organisation’s purpose.

As an organisation that has over 50% of our management roles filled by women, we truly appreciate the importance of gender equity the workforce. Not only does it significantly widen the talent pool, it brings different perspectives, enhances collaboration, increases staff retention and reflects our customers better, therefore increasing profitability. Additionally, it is simply the right thing to do.

As one of many organisatons in the trade industries in Western Australia that are heavily male dominated, it is important as leaders we lead by example and champion women in non-traditional trades. This includes more than just the pay gap but also the opportunities, work culture and working environment that we as leaders support and promote. Working on initiatives and collaborations with other organisations, in and across industries, government and private enterprise, is key to making a significant shift in our trades.

We have actively increased our gender equity across management roles but are continuously working on how we can improve and grow across the entire team, including our electrical apprentices. We are currently working on several initiatives to attract women to the trade, many with government and private enterprise collaborations. We have participated in diversity training across the organisation and recently created a Diversity , Equity and Inclusion team to continue to learn, grow and improve in not only the gender equity space but across all areas of diversity and inclusion.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is something as CEO I am very passionate about and will continue to drive from the front not only from an organisational perspective, but throughout my engagement with government and industry.

I chose to join CEO’s for Gender Equity to learn from my peers and work to make a difference.


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