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John Erceg

Managing Director


Gender equity, and more broadly diversity, is not only morally the right thing to do, but it is also essential for a high performing and sustainable business and will bring great benefits to our organisation and the community we serve.

At Main Roads we plan, build, operate and maintain the state’s single largest asset and we are going through a process to return maintenance and some minor capital works inhouse. Total road construction in Western Australia grew by 16.2% to $3.1 billion last year and we are continuing to deliver significant works across the state.

Research and our own experience show us that construction and maintenance occupations are in low supply internationally creating pronounced workforce gaps with the situation projected to worsen in the future. Amongst other measures there is significant potential to attract and retain more female workers into the industry. This needs to be coupled with structural change in our education systems to attract more women to study road engineering related courses—supplemented with deliberate changes to workplace culture to encourage women to not only join our industry but to remain engaged and become advocates for our industry.

Often gender inequity in the broader transport sector begins in training settings and continues through into workplaces, with females often confronted by negative societal assumptions on their role and unconscious biases. I am committed to breaking down these stereotypes and ensuring that we provide a workplace that is safe physically and psychosocially, welcoming, and supportive for everyone.

Through our work with Curtin University and the Girls in Engineering Tomorrow program we are targeting secondary level female students across the metropolitan area offering exposure to engineering activities, mentoring, and tutoring to help encourage a career in STEM related areas.

The example that I used here was in the context of STEM related roles but that is just one group of capabilities that we need in Main Roads. It is well documented that organisations that have strong diversity of ideas, views and opinions are more productive, more innovative and get better results. The only way we can achieve that is to ensure that our own organisations not only reflect the communities that we work in but actively ensure everyone has the same opportunities and are included at all levels and in every way.

We are in the process of renewing our approach to all matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion, recognising the importance of intersectionality in achieving good outcomes across our eight diversity focus groups. I am looking forward to working with other members to understand what is working and to explore opportunities to collaborate and get even better outcomes by working together and supporting each other on initiatives.

I am committed to leading and being a part of a workplace that has a strong sense of belonging, is safe, respectful and inclusive.



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