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Adam Marshall

Chief Executive Officer


At Marketforce we are proud to support the cause of gender equity and CEOs for Gender Equity.

Equity in our society can only be achieved by the determined efforts of those who have the power to make a difference. We are leading by example. Our business has long stood for equal employment rights and opportunities. We have a gender pay gap that favours women and at every level of our organisation our employees are paid equally for the roles they perform.

There is however still a need to work on creating equity in terms of the workloads of individuals and the portrayal of equity in the marketing work we produce for our clients.

Our commitment is to continue to champion these causes. We will maintain a workplace where everyone is paid fairly and equally for their respective roles regardless of their gender. We will develop new processes to ensure all employees are supported and work is evenly distributed. We will continue to develop and implement new policies that support our people especially with regards to parental leave and flexible working.

As Perth’s oldest and leading marketing services group we will take a proactive role in developing a new generation of female advertising professionals and support our clients and suppliers in their own endeavours towards complete gender equity.

We share CEOs for Gender Equity’s mission of influencing and inspiring CEOs to make meaningful changes in their businesses and remove systemic barriers that hinder gender balance. We stand by to help any member of the organisation in their own efforts to advance this critical issue and to learn and apply leading practice from fellow CEOs for Gender Equity.


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