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Kurt Gillam

Executive General Manager


​PERSOLKELLY is committed to recruitment practices that promote no barriers to employment.
We aim to foster a safe and inclusive culture across the business by creating a diverse workplace that recognises, respects and values the differences of our people and provides them with equitable access to resources and opportunities.

I recognise my responsibility in driving change, not only as Executive General Manager, but also, as a husband, a father to daughters and the example I set to my son. 

I believe that gender equality is not just the economically and culturally beneficial thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.

Achieving gender equality won’t happen overnight, but I’m proud to lead an organisation that won’t compromise on treating people with dignity, respect and fairness; an organisation that’s already made strides forward.

Within our Australian business, 55% of our Senior Leadership team, and 69% of our entire team is female.

To create lasting change, we know there’s more work ahead of us. I look forward to our collective efforts in continuing to push forward and create a workforce, and economy, that works for all.



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