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Kate Holsgrove

Chief Executive Officer


To engage diversity is both good for business and good for civil society, and gender equity is an imperative, that in my view, is non-negotiable.

The challenge that the not-for-profit sector faces is to ensure gender equity in key leadership roles at both governance and management levels. There is a disproportionate amount of females employed by the sector (there are estimates of up to 85%), compared to those in governance and key management positions. This must be proactively addressed.

As a key employer of females, the not-for-profit sector also needs to continue to lobby for increased equity in salaries for women – in 2015, the full time gender pay equity gap in WA was 24.9% (compared to 17.3% nationwide). While this has improved with the assistance of the current State Government, there is still more to be done.

The CEOs for Gender Equity are, quite rightly, challenging the status quo. Some good work has been done, but there is a great deal more to do. We need all leaders and key influencers in Western Australia to get behind our vision to sustainably improve gender equity outcomes in jobs and pay in enterprises throughout WA.


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