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Michael Scott

General Manager


My decision to join CEOs for Gender Equity was driven by a combination of personal conviction as the father of 3 daughters with their own aspirations and a broader understanding of the need for fairness. Gender equity is not only a matter of fairness, but it is also central to creating a more inclusive and successful business environment.

Gender equity is a societal issue that affects all of us. When we empower women and provide equal opportunities, we unlock a wealth of talent and creativity that drives innovation and economic growth. I believe that the business sector has a critical role to play in advancing gender equity, and CEOs for Gender Equity offers a platform for leaders to drive this change.

When top executives unite to champion gender equity, it sends a powerful message throughout the business world. It not only signals a commitment to fairness and justice but also to improving business performance and social progress.

Furthermore, diverse leadership teams enhance decision-making, foster innovation, and broaden the perspectives needed to navigate today's complex global business landscape. Gender equity is a crucial step toward achieving this diversity. When more CEOs embrace this cause, they set an example for their organisations and their industries, creating a ripple effect that can lead to lasting change.

As a company with a global footprint, ASM Global recognises our broader social mission and responsibility to our passionate individuals who work tirelessly to create extraordinary experiences at our venues. While we have already commenced this journey globally, we acknowledge that there is more work to be done. Recognising the need to improve gender equity within our organisation, we initiated several steps to address this challenge. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion at ASM Global encompasses a comprehensive review of our company's policies and practices to pinpoint areas where gender disparities exist. In alignment with our commitment, we are determined to increase the representation of underrepresented talent in managerial and above positions by 15% by the year 2024. Additionally, we are expanding opportunities for internships and apprenticeships for underrepresented student groups, thereby creating more accessible pathways for their professional growth. Our commitment to gender equity remains unwavering, and we have a comprehensive roadmap for the future. Some of the key ideas and initiatives we are working on include:

Inclusive Leadership Training: We are investing in training programs that focus on building inclusive leadership skills for all employees, not just those in top management.

Diversity in Recruitment: We are reevaluating our recruitment and hiring processes to ensure that we are attracting diverse talent pools, and we are working to eliminate unconscious bias in these processes.

Mentorship and Sponsorship: We will continue to expand our mentorship and sponsorship programs to support the career advancement of women within the organisation.

On a domestic level and in alignment with our commitment to support these global initiatives, we're pleased to report that a group of our staff recently completed a national leadership program with great success. Furthermore, we've rolled out a variety of flexible work arrangements aimed at helping our team find that delicate balance between their professional commitments and family responsibilities. In our latest Gender Equality Report for 2023, we're proud to announce that our management composition now stands at an equal 50/50 ratio, a positive stride in the right direction. However, we're fully aware that there's always room for improvement, and we're committed to doing more in this regard.

Gender equity is not just a box to tick; it's a journey that requires ongoing effort and commitment. As business leaders, we must take the lead in creating workplaces where all individuals, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute their best. Gender equity starts from the top, and it starts with me and every CEO committed to this essential cause. I look forward to collaborating with others as a part of a journey to improve and foster gender equity and assist in driving change.


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