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Ian Edwards

Chief Executive Officer


Racing in Western Australia involves more than 25,000 people in a wide variety of roles, across 50 race clubs spanning the length and breadth of the State. The clubs all provide important social connection, particularly those in regional and remote areas.

Racing is in a small minority of sports where men and women have, for decades, competed on a level playing field and for equal prizemoney and I’m proud to be the leader of this industry in WA.

Across our organisation, our team members have the option to work flexibly and remotely, while we have multiple programs in place empowering women to develop their leadership skills and succeed in their careers.

We embrace diversity and inclusion and are committed to establishing a workplace environment which accurately reflects the level playing field of our racing codes.

While we have undoubtedly made progress in recent years, there is no question that we need to do more. Being a part of CEOs for Gender Equity is my commitment to driving this agenda further and faster. Lasting change needs to begin at the top and I recognise the important role I play in this.

Our ongoing multi-year strategy to attract, engage and retain top talent is now in its second year, with diversity and inclusion the cornerstone of its current horizon. However, the proven benefits of diversity and inclusion go far beyond that, with research clearly showing the performance benefits of diverse thought and perspective.

Fostering a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace is pivotal to realising our vision. We are committed to doing the right things in the right way.


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