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Trina Sunday

Chief Executive Officer


I give a damn about gender equity because, at my core, I care about fairness, human dignity, and the
belief that everyone should have equitable opportunities to succeed, regardless of their gender. This
conviction has guided me to live and work in Cambodia, join the Board of the Centre for Women’s
Economic Safety, and engage in philanthropic endeavours supporting women and girls.

I chose to join CEOs for Gender Equity because it gives me the chance to partner with other like-minded
CEOs to see how we can collectively drive change. And new incoming CEOs have the benefit of
accessing shared resources and seeing and hearing opportunities for change.

My dedication to gender equity stems from the understanding that diverse perspectives and inclusive
environments not only foster innovation and growth but also create a more just and equitable society for
all, both within and outside our workplaces.

At Reimagine HR, we focus on creating thriving organisations that prioritise inclusivity, leverage diverse
talents, and cultivate environments where every individual can contribute to their fullest potential. The
truth is, women still face an uneven playing field.

As an HR innovator, I challenge the status quo and strive to reshape organisational systems and
processes that disadvantage women. In our work, we encounter pay disparity, limited career
advancement, workplace harassment and discrimination, work-life imbalance, and a lack of
representation at the top. These issues are detrimental to organisational culture and the bottom line. To
improve performance, our people practices must be equitably designed.

I help CEOs and executive teams figure out where to start and how to focus on fixing the system, rather
than trying to ‘fix’ women.

I guide HR teams to enhance their understanding of gender equity, intersectionality, and the critical
elements needed to drive meaningful change.

Because when she succeeds, everyone benefits.


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