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Steve Williams

Forum Coordinator


Safer Together is a not-for-profit, member-led organisation of Operating Companies and Contract Partner Companies in the rapidly evolving Australian Energy Production Industry. Together we seek to prevent harm to our frontline workers by simplifying, standardising and sharing.

At Safer Together we know that diversity of thought and experience helps to create an inclusive, psychologically safe workplace culture - in which people feel comfortable to speak up. This is an important part of managing psychosocial risk – which, in turn, improves safety and health outcomes at the frontline.

Safer Together will therefore help our industry to create psychologically safe workplaces. We will also help our industry to recognise and respond to psychosocial risks. Safer Together will be a model for diversity and inclusion.

I am committed to playing my part in exploring how Safer Together might model diversity and inclusion. This starts with humility – and approaching the subject with a ‘learner mindset’. I accept that I need to improve. I acknowledge that Safer Together, and our Industry, needs to improve. I will challenge myself to understand gender equity from the perspective of others, and to explore my own attitudes and beliefs toward the subject. I want to reflect what I learn in the way I lead. I hope that my behaviours will set an example for the Safer Together team and for our Industry more broadly. I seek to engage with others who are on a similar journey. I know that I will need to draw on their insights, experience, know-how and courage.

While Safer Together is not starting from a zero-base on gender equity, we know that we can improve. Our response needs to be reflected in our culture. This starts at the top. Our culture must be reflected in my behaviour. I must work with our Board to ensure that gender equity is considered in our governance arrangements. I need to work with my team to make sure it is part of how we operate.

We must have a clear-eyed strategy that informs deliberate, demonstrable action. As such, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is defined in our Strategic Plan. We have established metrics and will monitor our performance. Over time, we will adjust our actions based on what we learn as we progress.

Safer Together has established relationships with specific collaboration partners, including CEOs for Gender Equity, to help us address gender equity. We are exploring partnerships with other organisations as we seek to turn strategy into action.

I’m delighted to be part of a community of like-minded leaders. We’ve got some way to go. I’m confident that together we will deliver the change that is needed.


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