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Graham Kerr

Chief Executive Officer


Success relies on having a team made up of the best people with broad perspectives and experiences. The benefits that result from a diverse workforce, and gender equity in particular, are largely about the diversity of thought and experience that these differences bring. Creating a workforce that is as vibrant and diverse as the demographics of the countries and communities where we operate and live, contributes to a high performing and inclusive culture.

It is my role as a leader to drive the changes that need to be made, to set the tone and tolerance from the top, to ensure workplaces see the benefit of approaching work from different perspectives, allowing flexibility of work practices, to encourage mentoring and to remunerate equally.

I will champion a culture of inclusion to ensure we create diverse teams to bring different perspectives and we focus on accessing the complete talent pool in the communities where we operate. I have put in place measurable objectives to ensure more balanced gender representations at all levels of our organisation and I will actively track our progress.



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